Every love story has its two main characters—two persons experiencing the enigmatic magic and incessant beauty of love. For this, the authors decided to create this blog to show every bits and pieces, and the sides and angles of their relationship.

The authors intended to make this blog a written detailed account of their journeys, escapades, adventures, and experiences as a couple. Every achievement, ups and downs, random feelings, facts, events—be it happy, funny, or sad, will be featured for them to be able to share to their future selves and children. They believe that this will help them bind and strengthen their relationship by understanding each other’s feelings and opinions.

To their future selves and children, may this blog bring you life’s lessons, happiness, and lots of love that you may also share to others so that they may find inspiration in this and be made a believer of true love that can last not only for a lifetime but for eternity.

This blog was created by Robert Angelo “Doodz/Robbie” Alfaro Arrieta and Bernadete Maye “Dhet/Berna” dela Roca Austria, a four-year old couple (as of October 3, 2012) who strives to achieve infinity and reach more beyond.